Travel Update – Uganda Bound

As most of you know, a small group of us leave in 9 days for Uganda to visit the Bukedea and Ogoloi CarePoints. We will be there for a couple of weeks. 
The purpose of our trip is multifold…
  • We will be working with the local leadership to take a look at the land that will be acquired at the turn of the year for the new site of the Ogoloi CarePoint. Our fund raising efforts next spring will be to raise money to build the necessary structures for this new site to care for the 120 kids now sponsored at this location.
  • We would like to come back with a lot of video footage and photography to share with sponsors and with future donors. We plan to interview the kids, local leaders, and villagers to have footage to bring back to encourage those of you who are making a difference through your donations.
  • We will be delivering mosquito nets for both Ogoloi and Bukedea (from your donations) as well as flip flops for the kids in Ogoloi (to be purchased in Uganda). We also will be providing a small clinic (one of our team members is a nurse) for the kids to take care of minor issues (worms, cuts, infections etc)
  • Children’s Hope Chest is finalizing documentation of the 225 kids at the Bukedea CarePoint and so we intend to take a closer look at the needs in the CarePoint for school, health etc. so that as we move forward with our efforts we know where resources are best appropriated
  • And of course to spend time with Gods beloved Orphans. We have some fun planned…jump ropes, soccer balls, balloons, giant bubbles etc. This is the stuff too easy for me to scoff at, until I remember the joy these things bring to my own boys. I have to remind myself that these are just kids, who need to be able to have fun and let loose in an otherwise barren existence.

Christmas Meal
We are also looking into the opportunity to purchase enough meat to be able to host a “Christmas Dinner” at the Ogoloi CarePoint. We would have the cooks who prepare meals for the kids prepare a “feast” (basically beans and ground maize called “posho”- but with some chicken/beef) and invite the local villagers from the region to join us.

As we celebrated Thanksgiving this year I was reminded of Jesus’ words in Luke 14 where he encouraged us to ensure that when we throw a party or banquet that we invite not just our relatives and wealthy friends who can repay us, but rather the strangers in our midst who cannot. Our desire would be that the locals (who know of the CarePoint) would have an opportunity to see the love of Christ as the local CarePoint leadership invite and share with those in the area who may be looking on with curiosity. FYI….a meal with meat in this region is an absolute delicacy…think a few times a year at most.
How you can help
Many people have been asking how they can help. We have two basic needs at this point.
Nets and Medical Supplies
We will be short a few hundred dollars for the Christmas meal and for the mosquito nets and additional medical supplies we need to purchase on the ground in Uganda. Any amount would help. And you can send donations directly to us for this endeavor (Dylan de Bruin. 1006 NorthPark Blvd. Huxley Iowa 50124)
Noel – No Well
We are working to raise $5,000 to dig a well for the Bukedea CarePoint in the Spring. We are running a small campaign for this that you can check out at

We are asking our friends, family and sponsors to consider a small donation of $25 towards the well as a Christmas gift to Jesus this year. Contributions are being made through Children’s Hope Chest and details are available at the link above. You can also learn more on our Blog Post – Advent Conspiracy

Also, several of you have sent small plastic photo albums with family pictures for your sponsored kids. We are happy to take any other photos or letters if you can get them to us before the end of next week by mail.
Once again, we are deeply grateful for all of your support for these kids. It’s thrilling to know that we can show up in Ogoloi and tell them that 100% (we still have 4 kids left – but we fully intend to find sponsors for them before we leave…..) of them have been sponsored by someone they can never repay…a fantastic picture of another debt that has been paid for us that we will never repay. 
And I look forward to going back again next year to celebrate the same in Bukedea.
Please feel free to pass this info on, and contact myself or Jen directly if you have any questions.
As always, you can learn more at 
or at my personal blog
Dylan and Jen
Dylan – Dylan@century21.com515 291-1006
Jen – jen.debruin@century21.com515 291-1897

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