The Middle Road

I love this video…
Its so true. We have so marginalized the obvious radical call in scripture to forsake this life and walk as Jesus walked. We have so distorted the obvious message of total self abandonment and abandonment of this world to Love God and love others. 

And this one…
It makes me think of Matthew 25…when God separates the masses of humankind into two categories – the sheep on one end and the goats on the other. And he calls the goats to account, for having stood idly by while 29,000 kids starved to death daily on their watch.

This one…not so great
This was one of the first videos I saw when Jen and I started evaluating our lives as Christians, as bible study leaders, and church members and laborers. It was gut wrenching. Ironically (we didn’t know this at the time) this takes place not far from Ogoloi in northern Uganda. How interesting, that about 3 years later we find ourselves right there….

And this….
…which as a Father was particularly impactful. 
Many times I had imagined my own boys in the same circumstances that I have seen kids in around the world. Its impossible for me to grasp. But these kids are somebody’s kids. And if they wont be claimed by anyone on earth, then they are certainly Gods kids.  God: Thats my Caeden….Thats my Ashton. 

And this one…..
Its a little longer…but it is worth watching.

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