I wanted to throw out a HUGE THANKS to everyone who has shown support for what we are trying to accomplish on behalf of these kids on Uganda.

The last few weeks have seen a tremendous leap forward in our progress in filling these sponsorships.

We have about 84 of the 119 kids that we currently  have documented as orphans or vulnerable in the Ogoloi village sponsored, and I know there are some others out there that are considering picking up a sponsorship in the next couple of weeks. This is amazing progress in just a few short weeks.

Its incredibly fulfilling getting the opportunity to talk with people (from all over the country) about their respective stories, and for many, how God has been moving in their hearts towards the same realizations we have been having. About the situation in the world. About these kids. About our lives. About our money. And about our responsibility as a church.

So I just wanted to say Thanks!
Thanks to everyone who has given a little of what God has given you, and thanks for caring.

Its interesting….my blog posts may come off sometimes as being oriented around trying to spur people on to sponsor these particular kids so that we can accomplish what we have set out to do. But that’s far from the truth. As we write our thoughts about how God views our money and possessions and obligation to love “the least of these”, the reality is that my thoughts really aren’t just on Ogoloi.  I can honestly say that I have no doubts that we will have these kids accounted for by the end of the year. That’s not really the point.

Whether we are spurring people on to act out the love of Christ by loving these particular kids, or encouraging them to do so in any other capacity…we are thrilled. The point is not Ogoloi. The point is the love of Christ, in us, for those who need it most. And it has been a great week for us as we continue to hear more and more stories of people stepping out of the complacency and comfort of the American-dream version of Christianity and into the life that our Lord has called us to.

Its fun…both Jen and I agree that we have never felt more sure, or more right about anything that we have given ourselves to before. There is something so incredibly and amazingly fulfilling about working for and giving yourself for others. There’s nothing like it. I would like to pretend it was a huge sacrifice and a huge cross to bare, but the truth is it has given me more joy and satisfaction than any amount of money spent on any amount of worldly pleasures ever could. Seriously.

In any case, we have about 37 kids we still need to find sponsors for.
Please consider jumping on board if you haven’t already. A sponsorship is $34 a month. The money all goes through a secure system by way of Childrens Hope Chest (CHC) directly to the fund for Ogoloi. The admin overhead is low, and the people on the ground are good.

The remaining profiles are available in the Profiles photo album of the

Ogoloi Facebook page at .

If you find a child you would like to sponsor just drop Jen or I a line and we will send you instructions and a reference number for the child to complete the process on the CHC website.

A lot of folks have asked us what is next.

Well, we will be in Ogoloi in December again and will be taking teams every 6 months thereafter. Why? Because we believe that if the American church can go and see (and hold) these kids then they will realize their obligation to give their lives up to love them. We have a team of 6 (so far) joining us and to be honest I would leave tomorrow if I could. The next group will likely travel late spring.

The purpose of the trip in December is

  1. To meet with the local village leadership to learn more about their needs, and to guide them towards understanding their role in leading the charge of supporting these kids. The local Ugandan church MUST be a part of the solution. 
  2. We will have a small medical clinic (one of our team members is a nurse) and will provide some very basic, but much needed, health care for the local kids. 
  3. To document the kids, the village, and their stories. We hope to come back with a significant amount of info on each of the children, their home and family circumstances, and their needs- in order to get this info to their sponsors. 
  4. To get to know the kids better. We have several days to just be with them. Love them. It sounds weird (particularly coming from me), but I know how much my boys need to be held, to know I am there for them, that Jen and I care. These kids don’t have that. And we want them to know that someone does care…and will be there for them. 
  5. To learn as much as we can about the local opportunities for development and the possibilities that exist for future development and education of the local people and children. 

We will also begin work on the “Development Plan” for the Ogoloi care point, which will involve acquiring some land (hopefully donated by the local leaders) in Ogoloi, the digging of a well (to cut down the time these kids spend walking to get clean (clean-ish) water, and the constructiondiscipleship times.  

Here is the current kitchen – It works, but barely. We will be constructing a small but more secure kitchen for the meal preparation each day                                                                              

And here is an example of the “pavilion” which serves as a location for the kids to gather and eat as well as learn. It will take some fund raising to be able to put this together, but we will cross that bridge when we get there.

The other 2 million Ugandan Orphans

But really, that’s not all that’s next.
As I have mentioned before, the point is not just Ogoloi. There are more than 2 million orphaned children in Uganda alone, and the work to be done is tremendous. Just an hour from Ogoloi is another amazing Care Point, with over 300 orphans currently being fed…with very few sponsors to provide the funding.

We don’t know how we can handle something that large, but we are committed to try. Not giving our time and our money and our lives towards trying is simply not an option. Once you have met these kids, and seen their circumstances…you just cant walk away.

So I dont really know yet how this looks for our family as we move forward.
But I know we serve a mighty God. And I know what he has called us to.

So we will keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving ahead for Him, wherever that takes us. We are working right now to find local churches who might consider picking up one of these Care Points. If you know of anyone that might want more info on how local churches can partner with CHC to sponsor a care point please let me know. I would love the opportunity to sit down with whoever would listen to explain the process.

But I digress 🙂
Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to help us help others. 
Thanks to everyone who has offered us encouragement on this sometimes lonely path
And thanks to our God, who has wakened us from our slumber, to love Him, by loving others.  

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