Intro: Serving a Servant King

About 3 years ago, for no apparent reason, Jen and I (Dylan) started to become acutely aware of the fact that about 30,000 children we dying on a daily basis around the world from hunger or preventable disease (easily curable ones, you know, like malaria).
I can point to no one day, book, or event that lead to this awakening, but in hindsight I can obviously contest that the God who loved his children so much to consider offering his own son on our behalf was interested in quickening our hearts to fall in love with the people and things that he loved. This was a strange and unexplainable process, that I never asked for, but am deeply grateful for.
The reality of our Christian lives at that time began to show itself in stark contrast against the reality of the “majority world” in which we lived (the more than 50% of the globe that live on less than the cost of my cup of morning starbucks every day). Our lives were pretty typical:  Midwestern – middle class – middle of the road – “saved” – Americans. My wife had been a believer since her youth, and I had found Christ in my college years through a vibrant bible teaching church.
We owned our own business, had two gorgeous and talented young boys, drove an SUV, owned our home and a few rental investment properties, had been involved in youth ministry and led numerous bible studies from our home. We loved God, avoided R-rated movies, and shared the gospel with people whenever the opportunity presented itself. We were living the American Judeo Christian dream, and had every intention to continue to do so.
But somehow it seemed that God had opened our eyes to an entire new portion of the gospel message that we had been missing….our obligation, as the manifest body of Christ on earth, to love “the least of these” – Gods orphans, widows, the sick and oppressed, the broken and imprisoned….Gods beloved, who according to Matthew 25 were somehow Christ himself 

“Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me”  -Matt 25:30

So today, a few years later, after several trips to the African continent, countless hours of re-reading the scriptures and a host of books that seem to have been flooding the Christian book stores of late on the very thing that God had been pressing into us, we are beginning this blog to have an outlet to share with others what God has led us to be doing for his children.
We are in the process of “adopting” a small village (Ogoloi) with over 120 documented orphans  in Northern Uganda (a war torn region in a nation of over 2 million orphans and plagued with one of the highest HIV rates in the world), traveling frequently to the region to love and care for these kids and families, working to continually downsize our American lifestyle to put our money where we want our treasure to be, and teaching our children to live in a world as strangers being citizens of a different kingdom under a servant king worthy of all of our time, all of our possessions, and all of our lives.
We are excited to share our journey as we work to gather the church around us to rise up and LIVE OUT THE GOSPEL that we (the church) so boldly proclaim, as lovers of God and lovers of People. 

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